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11-04-2011, 01:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Lehner View Post
Thats not his only explanation, just part of the reason he didnt suspend. He thought it looked like Wolski saw him at the last second and tensed up, which is exactly what happened.

He also explained how wolski was looking at the puck and about to goto his point or gabby's point. They ran into each other.

I love Alfie and everything but I really think this was an accident, dont look at it with homer glasses on, its almost the same as Neil on Grabovski.
Elbow at head height, in no uncertain terms, is deliberate. Your arms naturally hang down. Watch the reply, and specifically Wolski's right arm. There was no reason for him to lift his elbow unless he was trying to injure Alfie.

Alfie gets hit with cheap shots time and again, and nothing ever gets done about it. Bell, Adams, now Wolski, and people like you are the ones who let those *******s get away with it.

Make no mistake sir, this was no accident. Wolski and Torts are greasy ****ing rats, who deserve to have a power sander driven accross their smug faces.

Wolski doesn't need the book thrown at him, he needs to have it jammed down his ****ing throat. Shanahan just showed the world that he isn't consistent. If Wolski gets taken out next time the Sens and Rangers play, no one should be even remotely surprised.

Originally Posted by Canadian Guy View Post
Some of you need to grow thicker skin. You're acting like children.

Alfie skated in Wolski and Wolski took advantage of the situation, same thing with Neil (although Neil on Graboski looked more incidental to me, and nowhere near as vicious).
Yeah Alfredsson is out and it's a shame Wolski is getting away with it.

Time to move on and get on with life.
With all due respect, this attitude is not good enough. You're essentially saying "Guys, just bend over and take it up the ass, Your Captian got batantly elbowed in the head and now has a concussion, and you should just shut up and take it."

That exact attitude is what lets people get away with ******** like this.

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