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11-04-2011, 02:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Gabe84 View Post
You know how on the main board, people often say that Montreal has the worst fans?

The way we usually defend ourselves is by saying--truthfully--that with the numbers of fans we have, of course we're going to have a larger number of trolls.

It's the same thing here. Of course the French-side of the media has the worst morons. They far outnumber, in total numbers, the number of journalists and commentators on the English side.

The truth is, it bugs me when people make the differentiation between French and English journalists. As if speaking one language or another makes you a better reporter. In my opinion, the pool of sport journalists covering the Canadiens in Montreal is bad. It's bad mostly because those medias are catering to the lowest of denominator. In the end, what we get is a coverage of the Canadiens--if you don't do your "job" as audience to prune what's good and what's bad--that resembles Occupation Double or Loft Story.

The good news is, you can stick to what's good if you make the effort. And overall, we are treated to some great people when you think about it. Pierre Houde is--in my opinion--a great commentator. Denis, at his side, is very insightful. Joel Bouchard is also a very smart guy that is great at explaining the technical side of hockey. Matthias Brunet is amazing at covering what's going on elsewhere in the NHL and his blog is great. Apron Baasu is on the same level of quality. MAG is another really good reporter, and for all the crap François Gagnon gets, he's entertaining and he's a good read that never goes into those extreme polarities. I haven't followed Inside/Out in a year or so, but it used to be full of great information as well. I could go on.

My point is this: yeah, the media is full of morons. But you don't have to endure them. Just go for the quality and you'll be treated to a pool of talent that is almost unmatched anywhere in the NHL.

Whenever an idiot like Tremblay comes up with one of those complete over-the-top declarations, the worst thing to do is to give a ****. We shouldn't develop this kind of dynamic. The natural reaction should be "If you are going to talk like that, I'll just ignore you". We will never be rid of this kind of talk if we care for it. We're creating a market for those guys by making them relevant.
That's pretty much been my reaction. I usually just ignore these guys.

The exception was Jack Todd when he went off on Price. I couldn't let that one go and ranted here. Not that an HF poster ranting has any effect on anything but... it made me feel good.

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