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11-04-2011, 03:28 PM
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Originally Posted by misch13vousmike View Post
Hey guys, ive always read these forums, and never really posted, as this is my first ever post on HF. Like everyone ive been a fan since the purple (royal blue) and gold days, a couple seasons, before the great one was traded here.

With that said, I like many of you am EXTREMELY critical about everything Kings. I dont know if im the only one, but, last years team, i was MORE sold on, than this years team. Yes on "paper" its deadly. But, the since the start of the season, something has not rub me the right way about this particular team.

Watching them last night, high above the ice, you can pick apart the game, having played it most of life, there are things they are SOOO limited to just doing, and I know all of you have mentioned it previous posts. As one poster said earlier, dont recall who, they are being limited with all of their capabilities. Sorry for the rant, or for sounding like im kicking a dead horse, but this team isnt JUST having offensive troubles, there something much deeper, and it comes from behind the bench!!!
As I've mentioned a few times, I think some of the players have given up on TM. Having said that, I would give TM little more time. We're still early in the season, so, there's no need to push the panic button just yet.

Good first post!

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