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10-30-2003, 04:41 AM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
Playing defense is not the problem. Unless you plan to have an "illegal defense" like basketball, you can't force teams to play run n' gun. The problem is that the league is looking to call the wrong type of penaties. Instead of focusing on penalizing physical play, the league should focus more on addressing the obstruction that goes on ALL THE TIME away from the play.
What I've been saying all along. There is nothing wrong with the trap. What's wrong is that these refs refuse to call the obvious inteference that occurs everytime a team tries to gain the offensive zone. All teams know that what beats the trap is speed to the outside along with a dump in chase game where your forechecker beats the defenseman to the end boards. So they clutch and grab the foward flying into the zone to slow him down rendering the trap unbeatable. You're right TB, they need to let the hard hitting go and actually call the infractions that are ruining the game.

Through the first few games I can't count how many times I saw one of Nedved or Hlavac being held up while Kovalev carries the puck into the zone. I'm yelling at my tv constantly how its a friggin illegal play.

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