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10-30-2003, 03:59 AM
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Originally Posted by JCProdigy
Through the first few games I can't count how many times I saw one of Nedved or Hlavac being held up while Kovalev carries the puck into the zone. I'm yelling at my tv constantly how its a friggin illegal play.
Agreed. And this has nothing to do with the Sather article. There have been a good amount of times during this early part of the season that obstuction on Kovalev and Nedved simply goes uncalled. Now Sather is whinning about nothing being called on Kovalev, but I'll bring up another example. During the Anahiem game, in the 1st period, the Ducks were on the PP. Nedved was the forward who was along high along the boards. The Rangers got the puck out of the zone and it went right on the other side of Nedved. Petr saw the play as it occured and made a more to the outside to get by the slower Ducks defenseman. Had he gone by him, no doubt that Nedved could have caught up with the puck for a chance on goal. Knowing this, the Ducks defenseman basically tried to wrap himself around Nedved as Nedved was going by. Result? Nedved never had the chance to get out of the zone and no offensive opportunity occured. That was a blatant example of interference away from the puck and it wend uncalled.

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