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10-30-2003, 04:02 AM
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Originally Posted by JasonMacIsaac
The same crystal ball that you have that tells you he will get bigger stronger, better defensivly. I don't think Rangers will wait long enough for him to develope, they should have gotten a quick offensive tool like Nillson who is a playmaker and could play next year.

I never looked into my crystal ball. My statements were pretty simple.

1. Change lanky to young and still has to fill out (never said he would get bigger, stronger etc.

2. change poor defensively to raw and very coachable. (every person who has scouted him plus his college coach stated he is a very coachable quick learner.

3. typical answer from a Devils fan, always fall back on the Rangers never develop any youth.

4. Alot of the so called experts did not have rave reviews about Nilsson either so like I said "It's all projections based on opinions."

Here is another link filled with opinions on Jessiman

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