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11-04-2011, 04:12 PM
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Well I will be HONEST. I am a DIE-HARD Rangers fan but I am so sick and tired of Middle of the pack just good enough to squeak into the playoffs, but not good enough to make any noise and not good enough for a nice winning streak to make fans happy.

So with this coupled with the very deep draft coming up, I have been rooting for them to LOSE. Yes thats RIGHT.. LOSE. I dont care what ANYONE says. I cant stand never winning enough to make a "good" season and not bad enough to help grow. Look at teams who have tanked in the last decade. They became POWERHOUSES. I want to have the Rangers in a better position for the FUTURE and have that blue chip prospect not named KREIDER.

So if it means ONE MORE season of losing, SO BE IT. I have watched them lose for so many years (almost 3 damn decades.. I am 35) that ONE MORE YEAR IN THE DUMPSTER wont be the end of the world and could have a GREAT BENEFIT. If they are going to not make a SERIOUS run at the Cup, than I want that first round pick to be a LOTTERY PICK. Look at Edmonton. Look at Washington. Look at Pittsburgh. Look at Tampa Bay. Look at the Islanders (not powerhouse YET but sure are up and comers!) Ect. Ect. Most of the franchises I just named were in danger of BEING MOVED OR OUT OF BUSINESS. A few good picks and BAM. Powehouses.

I want the Rangers to be Powerhouses. I am willing to sit and wait to watch them turn into it.

Will Rangers fans call piss and moan and say I am not a die-hard fan of the team I have loved for 3 decades because I am hoping they lose? I am sure there will be. But I am a REALIST. I know my team will NOT get better unless we have a player or players who can take this franchise by the balls and push them into elite status. Will Gaborik do it? I love the guy but he can be inconsistent and fragile. Will Richards do it? Best year he had was 28 goals ( I understand he is not paid to score but to set up goal scorers ). Will Stepan do it? Too early to tell. Callahan? Love him to death but he is a spark plug, not an ELITE goal scorer. Will Anisimov do it? I doubt it. Dubinsky? Dont get me started there. We have an Elite goalie in Hank and a VERY good backup in Biron. We have a decent YES DECENT Defense. If Staal goes down, the defense looks like CRAP. So you cant base your entire defense on ONE PLAYER. Last year Rangers fans would tell you and try to convince you that the Rangers defense was above average and up and coming. Staal goes down and it is in shambles. Not too great there. We have a LOT of spark plug gritty players. Thats all well and fine. But you need ELITE players to bring you into ELITE status and into the Cup finals. We have ONE. Lets get some more.

I am looking forward to Staal coming back and Kreider making the team next year (hopefully). But we need an elite puck carrier and a goal scorer. We have Gaborik who can score if healthy and consistent. We have Richards who can move the puck. But if you put Hall or Ovechkin or Crosby, Tavares on this team we would be in a MUUUUCH better position to make a Cup run. Without them? We are just mediocre and our position in the standings each year shows that. 8th place making it on the LAST DAY two years in a row and not going ANYWHERE in the playoffs year after year after year is not a recipe for success. We havent made it past the first round since what? Atlanta series? And we were the UNDERDOGS THEN! Imagine THAT. Atlanta being the FAVORITES.

We spend to the cap each year. We put the money into the team. We need better players. I know EVERYONE needs better players. I get that. But another 8th seed season and a 1 and done in the playoffs versus drafting a player like Nail or the likes and a losing season, Ill take that. I bleed Rangers Blue. My two year old daughter watches the games with me and she roots for the Rangers. My dogs get dressed up like Ranger players each Halloween. My wife of 17 years LOVES the Rangers and watches every game with me. I spend all my time on hockey sites and religously follow my team. So I am not a fair-weather-fan. I am a DIE-HARD that KNOWS we need a change. We need that game breaker. We have a good young nucleus and a good young captain. We have the goaltending. Our defense can get by with players like Staal and girardi (toughest player I have seen in a long time) and I believe Del Zotto who I think will develop into a good player over time. I am not drinking the kool-aid on McIlrath just yet. Havent been sold on him. Not a fan of waisting YES WAISTING a 10th overall pick on him. But whatever. Damage done, lets hope it works out. Could we use another top 4 d-man? **** sure we could. But a lot of teams could use that. We need a GAME CHANGER and we wont get that type of player without trading BIG assets and picks and I just dont see Sather doing that. So we need to look to the draft. And picking 15-20 spot will NOT get you that game changer. And Sather doesnt move UP in the draft so the only ONLY other way to get better is to hope we stink up the place THIS year and be in a position to make that selection in the draft and pick up game changer.

Now on to the signing of Stralman. LOL. I think it is good value. We needed something ANYTHING and I think he will be the same at Woywitka and Eminger. Just another player to stick into the roster who will manage but not make a big difference. Definately not the player to go deep into the playoffs. But in the situation we are in now, it was/is the right call. We are trying to squeak by with the defense with Staal being out.

So I will quietly sit by and wish my team loses each and every game (but continue to develop. Yes I understand losing is a very bad atmosphere and might hurt players confidence but it is needed) but play entertaining hockey. Lose 5-3 games, or 2-1 games. They can be entertaining and still lose you know. So I will root for my players to grow and learn from their mistakes but this year I want to get that lottery pick.

Imagine if we had sucked enough to get Ovechkin or Crosby? Do you even remember the year prior to Ovechkin or Crosby being drafted? Probably yes. BUT not enough to look back and say, "ah, yes. We did good enough that year to make me happy and lose on on generational players in the draft". I doubt anyone would be upset if we stunk it up ENOUGH to miss the playoffs and gain 100+ point player(s).

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