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11-04-2011, 05:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Belso View Post
I somewhat feel bad for him too. But I feel worse for the Fans. Another reasons I'm not a fan of Martin anymore. You will never get the potential out of a player after 6 games. Last season Gomez struggled and because they are paying him the highest salary on the team he stays on the ice.

Yemelin on the other hand doesn't do so bad in his first few games and then sits.. Like common, he has to get adjusted to the NHL. rotate the bottom 2 at least. Give him some confidence for Pete's sake!? It's not rocket science. Don't get me wrong, Diaz has been doing ok and Webber is alright. But Gill is on his way down and so is Spacek. Who do you want next season? Hall Gill at 37, Spacek at 38 or Yemelin at 26??? He's played most of his career on a large ice surface and always makes team Russia squads. The Talent is there. Don't let it get a way for a lack of foresight.. He can be productive on the score board, is physical, can hit, has dropped the gloves in the KHL and just needs a little adjustment. Don't give him top minutes but please, don't sit him all season to have him go back to Russia for not playing.


I'll say this much, I don't know who else is in the press box with Yemelin. If there's someone there with him explaining things and showing the NHL system with him in Russian and he's there to see what he needs to work on before going back on the ice it's not that bad. But you still have to play him...
Very good post. Martin is O'Byrning Emelin. Sit on the bench and watch as other DMen are out of position, make mistakes etc.

It is plain to see that Emelin will be going back to the KHL next year if not earlier with Martin refusing to play him. And like you posted, Spacek SHOULD be gone next year and Gill SHOULD retire. And then what? Scrambling to find another cheap DMan with average skills.

Jacques, let the guy play some and develop.

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