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10-30-2003, 04:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Bo
Higgins was an O.K. pick, but they lost any points there by flushing the Linhart pick down the toilet.
Higgins was a GREAT pick, look at some of the other names in that draft and you realize we got a diamond in the rough.
Aslo about Linhart. Ther are no blue chippers in the 2nd round, so you pick a project and try to develop them. Also look at the other prospects picks just after Linhart, not exactly a bunch of Hart trophy winners:

45 Mtl. Canadiens Tomas Linhart
46 Phoenix Dave LeNeveu
47 Ottawa Alexei Kaygorodov
48 St. Louis Alexei Shkotov
49 Vancouver Kirill Koltsov
50 Los Angeles Sergei Anshakov
51 New Jersey Anton Kadeykin
52 San Jose Dan Spang
53 New Jersey Barry Tallackson
54 Chicago Duncan Keith
55 Vancouver Denis Grot
56 Boston Vladislav Yevseyev

Originally Posted by Bo
I think there were several better choices than Kostitcyn at #10 overall last summer. That was not a good pick, he isn't any better than Perezhogin..
Well alot of scouts and people in the know thought Kastitsyn was one of the top talents available, BUT you didn't think so. Your right it is a bad pick, because YOU didn't like it. How does the fact that YOU didn't like it make it a bad pick???

Originally Posted by Bo
Lots of great American kids available instead of Kostitcyn, Urquhart and Lapierre who won't even get a sniff of the NHL.
What are you basing this on????? I assume you are a top hockey scout or something???? I seriously doubt you have ever watched any of them play, so I really question your ability to make such an assessment. Please let me know your qualifications for making such an assessment.

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