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10-30-2003, 04:09 AM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
Dude, get over it. MAtty and Kasper have not dived in 2 years. Kovalev a know diver? Since when? Barnaby does draw penalties, but not by diving. I have no idea what noncalls on the RAngers you were talking about, but there were several inteference calls that were made. Nedved and Kovalev have been hauled down on a regular basis and nothing has been called.
The one sided officiating began when Messier ripped the refs a few years back and has not changed since.
Not to way that reffing has been the reason for our record so far. It hasn't. But one-sided calls have been the norm around here for a good long time.
dude get over what. its funny if its been two years since "matty and kasper dove" when was the last time and game. you must know if its been two years. once you have a rep in the league as a diver thats it. kovalev is a known diver around the league. he has been since the first time he put the uniform on. im not blaming the refs for our lose. there were plenty of none calls in the last game alone let alone since the begining of the season.

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