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11-04-2011, 06:13 PM
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Originally Posted by GAGLine View Post
I don't put it past the team to not be completely forthcoming about injuries, but if they are going to say it's one thing when it's really another, why would they say it's a concussion? That would be the last thing we'd want to hear. I'd be much more comfortable if it were something else with a definitive timeline for recovery.

That being said, there's still things here that don't add up. Staal was injured on Feb 22nd. He came back on Mar 3rd and played the final 15 games of the season, plus 5 playoff games, and showed no ill effects from the hit. Then 5 months later we learn that he's suffering headaches after working out due to PCS? Was he suffering headaches after each game after he came back?

I'm of the firm belief that whatever is causing his headaches, it isn't PCS. He doesn't have any of the other systems associated with PCS and he only gets the headaches after working out. But it's frustrating that they haven't figured out yet exactly what's going on.
Another question I have, is how was he able to train in the off-season and prepare himself for camp? Was he experiencing the headaches during his off-season training? If so, did he communicate that with the team accordingly? Seemed like leading up to camp, the Rangers were anticipating Staal to be participating.... This seems like something the organization would have picked up on, much earlier than it did.... Even if they did know something, you would have thought we would have gotten wind of it via the media, much sooner than we did.

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