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11-10-2005, 11:40 PM
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It depends on how much money you have, your competition and how good you are as well as your style. The durability on these skates are not great by any means. I've had a pair since last Christmas and they really have broken down but nothing major yet. A lot of my teammates with them have broken the holders on them, a common problem with the XXs as well, but I've been fortunate so far with no such bad luck (I was hurt instead lol, which is even worse, but now I probably jinxed myself, I know it, im going to break the blade on them this weekend and I'll be so mad because of HFBoards.) Anyways, they are a very amazing skate as I had Vector Pros before and in my mind there is no comparison. They are extremely lightweight, very comfortable, and they allow you to move your feet much quicker. One thing though, they do affect the way you skate. Several players that I play with or against that switched to them had a bit of a difference in their skating style. It's a stiff skate which naturally does that to you but if you're a good skater it will only make you better. I've had Grafs, other Vapors, and Vector Pros and the XXXs are the best skates I've ever had, its just unfortunate that they have relatively poor durability. If you're a physical player who's in teh corners a lot and is hitting and you're up against the boards battling, I wouldn't reccomend these, but if you're a skilled player who uses speed and plays a finess game without intense grinding along the boards (where the skates with hit the boards and chip away some stuff on them), then go for them, I don't think you coudl find a better skate.

Good=extremely lightweight, seemed to increase the power in my stride and made it much easier to skate faster with longer strides, less resistance it felt as well, comfortable, good looking skate lol.
Bad=not very good durability at all.

I hope that helps you out.

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