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10-30-2003, 04:44 AM
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Originally Posted by SingnBluesOnBroadway
My takes:


- Kovalev had his best game yet. And not just because he scored. He played with an edge and showed some leadership.

- Say what you will, but I think that Simon has been good. He created more scoring chances than any other player on this team last night. A soft penalty call and blowing his top put a damper on his performance last night.

- Tom Poti was physical last night. No really.

- The team worked hard. And kept things simple. The did face a goalie who played extremely well.


- Dunham was shaky. The first goal seemed to rattle him a bit.

- The PP is simply awful. If the skill guys aren't getting it done, try guys who would kill for PP time (Lundmark, Simon, Barnaby).

- The M & M boys are lost. The puck came to Mironov at the point and he had no idea what to do with it. When he finally made a decision, it was too late all the passing and shooting lanes were closed.

- Jan Hlavac was taken out of the game in the first period when Salei dropped him on his rump.

- This team needs to find a way to let Kaspar be Kaspar. A guy who two years ago led the team in hits is timid and uncertain. This team needs to find a partner to play with hims that will let him do his thing. Maybe when Leetch returns, deVries will be paired with Kaspar.

- Holiks physical game lasted on game it seems. He should have punished Federov.

- Anson Carter. Anytime you're ready big guy.


- Lundmark. He is good on the PK but is doing nothing offensively. Can't get his shot off.

- Messier. He wifted on a couple of gimme goals. But his line is doing most game in and game out.

- The PK. Gave up two PP goals but it still looks solid.

If there is such a thing as a good loss, this was it. The team did not quit. Taking bad penalties, the weak PP and Gerber were the difference.
Sometimes we agree so much it scares me....sometimes....

On the PP: They did try Mess's line on PP in the first and it didn't work at all. I think what the biggest problem on the PP is their lackadaisical play in their own zone and neutral zone. Also the speed at which they bring the puck through the neutral zone is too slow. They haven't set themselves up nice in the zone yet so they can apply proper pressure. Plus I think teams are playing up on the ranger players like they would at even strength, probably because they know the rangers are pressing/struggling. Yet another thing that's killing them is the D-men are having a diffucult time keeping the puck in.

Of course it's obvious that Leetch will help the breakout and keeping the puck in a great deal. Not an excuse and I'm not saying that he cures all the PP ills but he sure will help them.

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