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11-04-2011, 09:36 PM
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Originally Posted by sheed36 View Post
Weber as really improved this year and as earned his place on the Habs with some solid play.. It's gonna be interesting when/if Markov and Campoli return and who sits.
It will, but if he maintains his level of play from this year, I cannot imagine it's him.

Diaz is a given. No fault of his own, he's filling in and better than could possibly be expected, but I think he'll be the first guy out of the line-up.

When both return, if the D is fully healthy, I do think Weber stays still, but that's getting tough since if he stays, it's a veteran that goes. Campoli, Gill or Spacek would be a bit of a blow.

Weber has shown that he has the talent to play full time minutes back there and is consistently improving with every game. It would be irresponsible to sit him for any length of time or move him to forward.

My bet? Spacek sits, Diaz goes to the AHL. Emelin might too (or Russia).

Originally Posted by NewHabsEra View Post
Weber is doing fine, but that D core is still looking way too soft, Weber included.. Too easy to play against him deep in the def zone, 0 physical presence..

As for no A.Kost and no Eller on the PP, Martin obviously wants a fresh line to send on the ice when the penality is over..
You cannot judge players against something they're not. Weber isn't ever going to be a physical force. And not every D needs to be. He is very effective. Reminds me of Streit and Markov just as they were adjusting to the NHL. They went from "soft and one dimensional" to solid all around players and they did it through their quick sticks, good positioning and ability to make plays fast so as to avoid the physical play. My worry with Weber was always positioning, not physicality. He cannot grow, but he can learn to play a game suited to his frame. He seems to be very rapidly figuring that out this season. His evolution back there is truly a marvel and clearly Martin has noticed. He was the second most used defender and on the ice for the final minute. That means something, especially on a Martin team.

Now the flaw right now is that as a unit, they all play like that. That is correct, but what can you do? Neither injured body is going to up the physicality. Markov is just like Weber and others, so is Campoli. Emelin is the only viable person in the organization who can inject that element, and frankly, he has earned his spot in the press box. Bluntly, if he cannot crack a defense that has two key injuries and three very young guys in it, he is probably not the long term solution. I would like to see him get more of a chance, but every single guy a head of him has shown more. The general softness of the D is just something we'll have to live with until next year when Spacek, Gill, Campoli and Emelin are likely all gone. Then the team can hopefully bring in someone with a bit more grit to compliment the core of Markov, Subban, Weber and Gorges.

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