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Originally Posted by thephillyflu View Post
I think Voraceck has the wonderful combination of forceful speed and stickhandling technique that all the absolute best players have these days. All the best of the best guys are the guys that can carry the puck through and through a defense, through neutral zone, with quick moves at high speeds. I mean look at Malkin, Crosby, Stamkos, Giroux, Kopitar, Kovalchuk, Ovechkin and so on. What do they have in common with Voracek? They are excellent puckcarriers and can control the puck at the highest speed. In our team it's only Giroux and Voracek + somewhat Jagr and Briere that can do that. But that's not my point, it's just something that more and more distinguish the sheer quality of the best players these days.

Yes, for now he goes wide too much and hold on to the puck too long.

Are you all forgetting that he is 22 years of age? Born 1989? Born his year or younger, there are only 4 players with better production the last couple of seasons. Those are Stamkos, Duchene and Tavares... Benn got one point more than Voracek also. Born in his year (1989) only, he's the best but one point for Benn.
He's been producing more points than every other guy his age (or younger, but I don't think that's as relevant) including 13 points more than Gagner and 21 points more than James van Riemsdyk.

He's outproduced every guy ahead of him in his (although weak) draft year, except Patrick Kane (who's a year older).

Give the kid a break.

Now I'm not saying that this means that he'll make it as a star in the NHL, heck I'm not even saying he's the best kid in his age group, but I'm saying you should take his age into consideration when you bust him for turnovers, holding the puck too long, going wide too much, not releasing the puck early enough since all of those are notorious features for younger inexperienced players.

Even if he stays for many years or become the bait value of a trade, I think he'll turn out pretty good. 80 points in his prime shouldn't be impossible, with more than acceptable two-way play. I think he puts up a pretty good struggle out there, especially for an offensive talent at the age of 22. I also think everything considered he's been better than JvR, this year and every other.

But I suppose this is how it'll always be, man Hartnell everybody wanted to throw away for nothing 2 weeks ago, then he had 5 goals, 5 assists and +6 in 5 games. Was kind of something like that for Jagr also, an almost 40 year old everybody thought was useless compared to his potential, thinking he's the player he was 5+ years ago. Brygalov also got it bad. Simmonds, Voracek, JvR, Carle and Coburn I guess are the guys who'll get it now... Then maybe Briere, Meszaros and a few more. People want to see star play from players who because of different reasons aren't stars (age more than anything), and they refuse to take those reasons into consideration. Well, well...
Great post. It's his ability to accelerate while carrying the puck that distinguishes him from other players. He's playing well and he's going to be great. Simmonds has moments where you see how good he's going to be.

Health of the whole team will be an issue, but by playoff time we could be firing on all cylinders with some very big, fast skilled wingers to go with our talented forwards. JVR, JV, Simmonds, Hartnell and that Jagr kid, where did they find him?

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