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10-30-2003, 05:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Voodoo Daddy
i didn't attack you personally, i attacked the silly proposal.
your theories are really fun and somewhat interesting, but it is illogical in nearly every way

I wasn't talking about anybody in perticular just posters in general will often flame or ridicule a poster. And i would rather argue points in a productive way and give you (or anyone) a chance to debate points. that is why I posted here so anyone could respond that wanted to. Like i said in the original post that this could merely be a coincedence (and in all likelyhood is) but was just to ponder. And in response to Triggerman I won't pretend to know what the general public believes in Nashville but this was just speculation, and I got the money based on some posts i have read here and elsewhere. I do know that nashville has been having attendance problems and A guy like Comrie could be exciting to watch. And Stranger things have happened Toronto signed Cujo when they had an already succesful (somewhat) Felix Potvin that way they could trade Potvin for Bryan Berard. and if it wasn't for the Eye injury that could have been a briliant move. Maybe a team would be interested in Vokun for another scoring player. and if detroit ate about half of Cujo's salary it could be intriguing. But that's just my opinion. Take care.....

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