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Originally Posted by Timeless Winter View Post
Saturday night game means 1 thing, no not a loss, well that, plus it's the new drinking game.

Not sure if anyone will play but here's the updated rules as of today.

Drinking Game Rules During Tonight's Contest

Take a swig of your drink each and everytime each one of these events happen.

1. Rimer calls someone on the ice by the wrong name.
2. Davidge says this about Mason "I bet he'd like to have that one back."
3. Rimer says "Goal mouth pass."
4. Arniel is shown on the bench with a stressful look on his face (lol, do this one everytime it happens)
5. FSN cuts away from a scrum to go to a commercial.
6. After a goal FSN spells someone's name wrong
7. Davidge says "Let the puck do the work."
8. Ray Crawford makes you feel awkward.
9. John Michael smiles too much for your liking.
10. Davidge says "Your goalie has to be your best penalty killer".
11. Rimer says "Oh my."
12. Davidge uses the word "campaign".
13. The Jackets score a goal.
14. Someone in the GDT says "Fire Arniel" (do this everytime it happens).
15. Bass or Dorsett get into a fight.
16. Davidge says "Goal-scorer's goal"
17. Rimer says someone "splits the defense"
18. Davidge says "It doesn't get any better than that/this".
19. Rimer says "High but not out".
20. Buckeye Auto Glass "spectacular high definition" is mentioned.
21. Rimer thinks that there's a penalty when it's just offside, hand pass, or the puck touched with a high stick.
22. Davidge says "allz he has to do is ____"
23. Someone says "active stick".
24. Someone says "Get the puck to the net" or "Steady diet of rubber"
25. Jackets win and you chug.

Finish whatever is left in your drink or do a shot if one of these rare gems happen.

1. Davidge says "If I had your money, I'd burn mine."
2. FS-OH freezes on your TV
3. The HD feed goes awry.
4. Bill Davidge uses all of his cliches in one night.
5. Rimer fails to notice that one of the teams is on a power play for at least 30 seconds.
6. Rimer gets us confused with the Florida Panthers

Non Rimer/Davidge Drinking Game Rules:

1. Robert spells a word wrong at any point, you drink
2. Win Now makes a drunk post and spells every single word wrong, you chug
3. CBJ Cougar remarks about a player being good looking, you drink
4. Samkow posts something sarcastic, drink
5. blahblah mentions he doesn't like Howson, drink
6. Someone complains about the refs, drink.
7. Capn mentions the Ducks or Brian Burke, drink
8. MT-svk mentions Filatov, pour a shot

Other rules if you're playing the game.

1. Tell us what you're drinking.
2. Must be over 21 to participate, sorry Samkow
3. Don't be afraid to comment, let's get this thread to 1,000 posts!
Great list TW. I got a couple of others:

drink every time Bill says "There's no doubt about it" &
drink every time Rimer says: "sense of urgency"

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