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11-05-2011, 10:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Nordic View Post
The SEL is pretty meh these days. No big names in the league what so ever. They're either in the NHL or KHL.
Dude, the SEL is awesome. Lots of interesting young players, in general a very good quality of players, and the playing is smart and is quite enjoyable to watch. Also seems like there's a good fan culture. In many ways a better league than what we Finns have, even though I like the FEL.

Also what I have noticed is that players coming from the NHL to play in the SEL are rarely dominant, and good stats in the AHL aren't guaranteed to translate to good stats in the SEL.

And like Cilisi said, the swedish secodn-tier league has some surprisingly big names, and I think it's easily the best 2nd tier league in Europe, easily

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