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10-30-2003, 06:14 AM
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Jar-Jar---1st off you posting under that says something about you but that's beside the point.

Second of all, you are a clown.You come off with an attitude and think you now a hell of alot more then you do and that is apparant.

I've had scoops on Bure and Leetch this yr twice and both time the info proved to be correct within 2-3 days times where the papers reported EXACTLy wahat I had posted earlier.

I'm one of the originals here and NEVER post stuff like that as EVERYBODY here can attest.The info happens to cross my path and I knew it to be true based on how I recieved it and I passed it along to some fellow NYR fans.

You don't want to buy into them--fine I could care less but people here know my track record here and I don't need to justify anything especially to a JO such as yourself.

And just how did you prove I was wrong on the Lindros issue???

What I said was that Carl was pushing against Feldman's diagnosis and was making it out to be more then it was and that voices were raised between the 2.

Slats the next day basically states that Lindros's pain threshold will determine when he can infact return.I realize your not to swift but what does that say to you Mr Morality????

Now go on tell me how you showed I'm a liar clownboy.

Go back to sleep with your big E teddy bear b/c your not going anywhere in this position your taking but if need be I have no problem setting your BS straight.

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