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11-05-2011, 02:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Bill McNeal View Post
My point: We both watched Martin in Ottawa (apparently). We both came to different conclusions from watching his teams play. That eliminates any anecdotal evidence that can be brought to the table. So why not look at the numbers? It would seem that any team that sat back after gaining a lead, as you said Martin's teams are known to do, would either be a) low scoring, as they wouldn't continue to press when they're up, b) a team with a low goal differential as they'd be constantly getting scored on for their lack of offensive pressure or c) a combination of a) and b). The numbers don't back that up.

You don't see it with those other teams as you don't watch all 82 games of their seasons as intently as you do the Habs. It's a common occurrence that when a team is trailing in a game they will take more shots and put more pressure on the opposition save for in a blowout. It isn't limited to the Habs or any other defensive-minded teams.

Considering I brought facts to the table whereas you offered nothing but your (admittedly) biased views on the coach, you were the one to begin with all the childish antics in this thread (basically plugging your ears when anybody disagreed with you and resorting to attacks beyond that) and you specifically stated that you didn't want me to ruin your night, that's pretty funny. I've never seen so much lack of self-awareness in one paragraph.
ok I stand corrected well done whatever makes you happy. In ottawa they didn't sit back as much, but all I am saying is that weather it's the players decision to lay back or the coaches decision it basically comes back to the same person. Jacques Martin. If he;s not addressing that we need to forecheck harder in close game we're winning then theres a problem. Sure your right teams that are down in a close game put lots of pressure on and the team winning is on their heels, but the team on their heels don't constantly ice the puck and chip it out thus giving the puck to the other team and playing right into their hands. I don;t disagree with anything your saying I just think that we could work a bit harder is all. Icing the puck and chipping it out only works in rare situations, not for 10 mins in the 3rd. We rely on our goalie too much and need to play 60 minutes is my point. Thats what I have been trying to say.

And enough with the personal attacks please. I apologized if I offended you and you continued to insult me and judge me when you know nothing about me except one bad topic that I got annihilated on lol. I thought it was martins style to sit back and I was wrong. There satisfied? God people take this so serious lol..I had an opinion and a thought and people jumped down my throat about it. Sure you can correct me but you don;t have to try your hardest to be a dick about it.

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