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Originally Posted by Gabe84 View Post
The best part about people asking for a John Scott-type of player is that the minute that player will step on the ice and they'll realize how freaking awful they are at playing actual hockey, how slow they are and just how much of a burden they are, they'll be *****ing to ship said player away and that Gauthier is an awful gm.

Then we'll go a few games without a fighter, and the same people will whine to get another enforcer, but another one that they've been wanting for a long time. Cycle starts all over again. Laraque was the guy everyone wanted. Pens fans warned us over and over again about his polite fight requests that never lead to anything. He was the best in the league at what he did and he still wasn't enough to quench the fight-lovers thirst for punches-on-ice.

I don't want a fighter on this team. We have tough guys like Moen and White who can also play hockey. We're good. It's not what's at stake here, and I don't want to start a debate, but fighting won't be part of this sport for too long. Hard surface, unfit equipment, no gloves, players having to worry about their balance, exposing them to dangerous shots... It makes no sense to keep this shenanigan going.
I'm fed up of wimps who don't like fighting or what not in the NHL. It's been there since its inception of hockey & will continue to be there. Whoever doesn't like fighting in hockey...go watch figure skating or another soft sport.

Right now the canadiens are going to battle to a gun fight with a spoon with other team's tough guys. I have season tickets & watch constantly the Habs getting pushed around. Laraque himself said that playing the Habs was a joke cause they had no one to defend them.

Concerning going around John Scott cause he sucks on D, well very simple; send Blunden down & put him as a forward.

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