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11-05-2011, 04:52 PM
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Funny you bring this up, as captain of my team, I just emailed the league about this. Here's the situation, my team is a lower c team, with only 1 person with more than 1 1/2yrs exp, and he only has 3yrs exp. Suprisingly out of 10 teams in thethe league, we play close with all but 3, maybe not wining but def cthem all, but competitive. Now of those 3items teams, one has won the championship the past three years and then there is a new one that is more frustrating and made me write the email. They have a roster of 12 ppl, minus the goalie its 11 skaters, 3 of which play A and 4 play B at the same rink, the remaining 4 are also C+players. They beat us the first time only 6-0, 2nd time 10-0 but the thing is shots on goal was probably easliy 70 to our 7, not kidding. They also have beaten the other teams in the league by similar scores. While I love the competition and think it has made us better when we play teams our own level, its still very frustrating. Haven't heard back from the league but my stance is there is no reason someone from an A league should play, 1 level up or down is what I think is appropriate. If you're a b player,you have a chioce of either C or A but not both. I also suggested maybe a C- team C+ divisons split for the playoffs.

My team is at a loss of what else to do, our group actually has another team, which is a B level team and I was thinking about having them show up, just to prove a point but don't think I could actually do that. Based on league rules could probably get away with it, with jsut a forfeit but would be worth the laugh.

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