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10-30-2003, 06:33 AM
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I am right down the middle on this one. While I love seeing the kid and believe that he has the skills to stay with us, I also think that there is just no reason for us to keep him up here and that we have other guys capable of doing his job and might be able to do it even a little better at this point. I also believe (as I have said in other posts) that if he were sent down to his J team that he would be THE MAN in that league and his developement would take another giant leap forward. He isn't one of those Nancy boys who need to be molly coddled all of the time who you have to worry about thier fragile ego in wheter on not to send them down.

A few of us fans asked him a couple of questions after practice about being in the NHL and he was very jovial and seemed genuine when he said that he has been given a chance that he didn't think would happen for another couple of years so he is just like a kid in a candy store (interesting statement because he really is a kid still) when it comes to playing with us. Of course he gave us the standard "I just want to do what is best for the team and my developement and know that AM and DT have my best interest in mind so I will do whatever they tell me to". I like the fact that he was mature enough to deal with us fans with not only allot of style but with allot of level headed thinking.

I hope that if he stays that he starts popping in the points but a big part of me wants to see him back down developing his skills.

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