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11-05-2011, 07:49 PM
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well i don't wanna dig this "doing the little things right" out again.
But how can you expect something creative or collective when the coach
is more than happy when you connect a pass over 5 feet.

I don't attend the Kings practice.
But i can guarantee you they don't practice special moves based on player skills to outsmart an opponent.

I could drool if i remember the old days Red Wings and thei red army line.
These guys were usind the puck as a flipperball.
They did drop passes and behind back passes because they practiced special moves like that and could trust the linemates to read the game and somebody receiving the puck.
One way to get this creativity is you practice it.
The other one you have 3 linemates who really like each other and have natural chemistry like the Sedins.

Sadly non of these options are available for us

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