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10-30-2003, 07:11 AM
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Originally Posted by disles1

Isbister>Kvasha--now and in the future

Watch much hockey lately? I know Izzy has been watching a bit from the press box, while Kvasha has been one of if not the Best Isles forward in October.

Your young team would be full of pontential and minght even be winning as soon as now. That said, if you can not see the MM got the order from Wang to get this team into the playoffs ASAP from year one of his ownership than your just not looking hard and only doing a little NHL2004 dreaming.

Add another factor. With your entire team of young stars now reaching for than next round of contracts, how do you pay them all?

Gaborik wants 6 mill a year. Heatly's getting at least 3. Spezza will want the same soon. Loungo is also going to be getting top end money. Soon you have: A) at least one or two guys holding out for more cash or B) a Ranger like top heavy team with no quality depth players.

The current build of the Isles had as much to do with bringing in fans to boost support for a new arena as it did with winning. Wang has put fourth a good product hoping to get help ( and the development rights) to build on the land around NVMC.

Your looking it only from a hockey perspective and not from the bussiness side. This does not make you a bad fan, just a bitter one. Remember that $$ dictate almost every player move in today's NHL, not team needs. Even though its hard to follow the money reasons from the past few years they are there. Wang wants to make money first and hopefully win along the way like 90% of the other NHL owners out there.


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