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11-06-2011, 10:13 AM
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Originally Posted by madmutter View Post
Pickup is a different deal. Sometimes when you battle a guy in front of the net he wil get genuinely upset. Other guys you'll push and shove with them and when the puck gets cleared you look at him and he's grinning. All depends on how they like to play hockey I guess.
In a league game though, do everything you can get away with to mess with him, that's YOUR goal HE came and stood in front of. Make him want to leave.
Exactly. Are you supposed to just let him park right in front of your goalie? Even in pick-up, get the guy out of the way, turn him around, tie up his stick, whatever, just make him work for the space. You don't need to rough him up or be a jerk about it. Most of the time, like madmutter said, if you're a decent guy about the whole thing, you'll share a grin when the play goes the other way.

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