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10-30-2003, 08:31 AM
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Theodore for Tanguay and still somes actually saying Tanguay worth more????

I Know Montreal players are usually getting greatly underrated when it's time to talk about the return they would get but this time I think you are all losing your mind if you think this is something close...

Before the beginning of the season, those discussions from this forum were saying it would need 2X if not more than what you are talking about now. (On both sides... mtl fans and colorado fans, not saying they were ready to makes a deal on both side just they were almost ok on valu-wise)

And now Theodore worth less than Tanguay? ROFL. He let's many goals gets in in the last 2 games but of about the 3 goals the the previous 5 games? OOh yeah I forgot, When they win the TEAM is playing well, when they losses, Theodore is the next Jim Carey.

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