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11-06-2011, 12:32 PM
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Originally Posted by CBJCountryClub View Post
Thankfully the right decision has been made by the organization and Arneil stays.

People here need to wake up and realize it is not the coach, not the management, nor the players who are at fault here. It is the so-called fans of this franchise who are to blame for this debaucle.

Umberger even said as much recently - all this talk of firing people creates distraction for the club. Couple that with a grueling schedule, and a ridiculous slew of injuries and an unjust suspension - any team would be 2-11 right now. Yet all you people want to do is fire everybody!!! Don't you get it, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!!!!!!!

If you still don't believe me, think of it this way- in 11 years we have had several coaches, many players, a few captains, and 2 GM's. And the same results. What is the other constant here? THE SAME SO-CALLED FANS!!!!!

You want to see a winner? Sick of this losing yet? I sure am.

Well, then here's what you need to do:
Buy your tickets.
Go to the games.
Cheer loudly!
and otherwise ****!!!!! Quit your complaining, IT'S NOT HELPING!!!!





Take your computer and hurl it out the window.

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