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Originally Posted by leek View Post
Here is his post career bio:

Upon his retirement from playing in 1999, Hextall immediately joined the Philadelphia Flyers' set-up as a Professional Scout. He was promoted to Director of Professional Player Personnel three years later, and was considered by the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame to be a key factor in the success experienced by the Flyers during the early 2000s, when they won the Atlantic Division three times, and reached the Eastern Conference Finals on two occasions. In June 2006, Hextall moved to the Los Angeles Kings to take on the role of Vice President and Assistant General Manager. In addition, Hextall also serves as the General Manager of the Manchester Monarchs of the AHL, the Kings’ primary affiliate.

He has a winning pedigree as a player, a scout and a front office employee. He's a firey leader who has high standards and doesn't accept excuses or a "woe is us" attitude. His is Mr. Passion.

I don't honestly know if he is the best guy for the job, or if he would even take it. Certainly Dave Nonis has experience as a GM and might be interested. I am sure there are others as well.
I wish I had the time to check him out today but in the absence of that, I'll take your word for it. I had Robert Kraft in mind when I was describing what I want: a fan who loves the game and the team. At this point, one of the major personality traits I would look for in Hextall is the Savior Complex. On top of his pedigree, he better have a deep desire to rescue people and the stomach to take it on. It ain't pretty, that's for sure.

Originally Posted by KeithBWhittington View Post
You have a chance to start fresh in the lockerroom. You aren't going to be able to move everyone in there... From what I've seen, Moving Nash may be the only trade that is sufficient to "Shake the room"

And Pete, believe it or not, I would praise Nash for finally doing whats best of this organization (in my opinion) if he asks for a trade, as long as there's no malice towards the organization and the fanbase in the request for one. And based on what we know about Nash, if there is malice or anger at the fans and the team, he will not make it known publically.

I'm not a guy that believes Nash DESERVES a chance to win, he signed his name, and he needs to stick to his word, that said, I think his presence is more a hinderance in the grand scheme of trying to build a culture and build a winner.

If everyone is so ready to blow this up, lets not overlook lockerroom leadership, which has been a problem really, since Foote was traded....
Two thoughts:

*Nash is not the only trade that would shake up the locker room but he is a player that would draw others here.

*Speaking of malice...What is up with the negative comments from Jake?

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