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11-06-2011, 02:29 PM
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Well, it has been a few weeks now and the Billy Joel and Springsteen banners have again been unfurled... but the Atlantic Division Championship has yet to be acknowledged in any manner.

I fully agree that a quiet raising/addition is proper... whether a newly started banner or a revamped one with smaller numbers and more seasons replacing the one now in the rafters... but something should be done, sooner or later IMO.

To go to an extreme they could do so at the first Pens visit... Flyers won it over he Pens by the newly installed ROW tiebreaker and the Pens getting more Shootout wins and less wins during Regulation and Overtime by potting a puck in the net. I believe the Division Championship was a legitimate one and should be a part of the Flyers Legacy... but I think that trying to rub the Penguins noses in it is maybe a foolish hing to do.

So the question is; what's up with this? If it's a matter of merely creating the new/revamped banner than why not say it... If it is a matter of a planned raising, then why not say that... I cannot be a case where they are just ignoring it; can it? Maybe they are only honoring clear cut wins without tie-breaking can considering it a co-championship, even though it is clearly not one.

I may contact my Flyers Organization source I've used for other nosey questions and flat out ask her... Although it seems that I am the only idiot who care one way or the other. haha

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