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Originally Posted by joshjull View Post
The Blackhawks spent 12.375mil in 08-09 on goalies , had 5mil in cap space (basically 17+mil not spent on other areas of the team) and went to the Western Conference Finals. The following year they spent 6.52mil on goalies and they won the Stanley Cup. Its fairly obvious what they were spending on goalies in no way impededed their ability to build a Cup winner.

The Red Wings spent 4.9mil on goalie and won the Stanley Cup. Again it didn't prevent them from building a Cup winner.

The Detroit model thats asserted by some is the idea that Detroit and others made the decision to spend 2mil on goalies and used the difference from what a big money goalie would cost elsewhere. The reality is NO TEAM has ever spent that little in net and won the Cup.

I have no idea why this is so hard to understand. Or why posters think I'm arguing you have to have a big money goalie.

I'm disputing the idea that there is a Detroit model out there that teams are using to win Cups. There isn't
Even if such a model existed, I'd think Boston, Pittsburgh, and Anaheim would prove that it isn't a pre-requisite as some proponents of the model would have you believe.

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