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11-06-2011, 02:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Flyerfan4life View Post
hopefully teams don't figure out how to shut our guys/systems down

but i do agree that so far this season has been a treat to watch offensively

defensively we've been a **** show that scares me nitely
But that can be said about all teams that are on a good O run... and of course is totally a true statement... and honestly I'm glad we can state it at this point.

I still see this team as a work in progress when it comes to gaining chemistry and learning about each other, and feel that it can get better -- not talking about the CBJ game, but in general -- and it certainly can never mesh and find that it cannot work as a well oiled unit over the long haul and in the Postseason... I also feel that the feeling out process comes on both sides of he puck and they have to learn how to sacrifice one side for the sake of the other, and where and when they can. In the mean time I can see roller-coaster stretches over periods of time and even within games... And I honestly am pleased at where they are at the present time.

That said, I don't think we can overstate the importance of Pronger with all aspects of the team... The D is a given as the time is spread out without him and players are exposed and key moments in games are more risky times... The Special Teams are effected the the PP in particular falls apart without #20... The Room loses a great leader and a great voice and example, and either a calming effect or a s-stirrer, depending on the situation. I would say that adding Pronger back into the mix will make the D look better, and maybe bring it back to what it was in the recent past... and it might not scare quite us as much. I honestly feel that the Winnipeg game would not have been what it was had he been healthy and playing.

To address the Thread... While all GMs make mistakes, and Homer has had his share for certain, not all makes enough good moves to keep their teams moving forward... IMO Homer deserves much credit and has retooled this roster better than could be expected considering what he had to move and acquire to totally revamp the team culture.

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