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10-30-2003, 08:54 AM
True Blue
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"messier was flying tuesday night. his line looked it was getting the best scoring chances. holik looked lost out there the other night."

If that is your opinion, I cannot change it. Personally I thought that Messier looked his age the other night and could not hit the broad side of a barn with the puck to boot.

"lindros last season was not the player we got the year before. this year he looked pretty good before he got injured. did i say lindros was the key to the powerplay"

He did not help our pathetic power play 2 years ago either. You started to criticize my when you said that I attack Lindros. Since we were talking about the powerless play, I had assumed that you were disagreeing with the fact that Lindros has not helped our PP one iota. Obvioulsy you agree that Lindros has not helped the power play one bit.

"was leetch injured last season? when he came back did the whole special teams improve? not just power play but penalty kill? yes they did. "

Did you watch last years games? Our special teams were the worst in league history. Leetchie, for all of his many abilities, did NOTHING to help our PP. We were the worst in the league before he got hurt, during the time when he was out, and still could not score on the manadvantage after he came back.

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