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Originally Posted by joshjull View Post
Accidentily showed that it can work? You're not getting the point at all.

I'm refering to the idea that Miller's contract is somehow an impediment to building a winning team. That posters have argued that there are teams using the Detroit "model" to win the Cup. That if we juts get rid of Miller and his salary we could follow that model to success. Its nonsense.

The Detroit model being spending peanuts on goal and putting the money elsewhere. If a team has a 5.6mil backup or a 4mil backup in the playoffs. They still spent money on the position. If anything those examples prove my point beyond a doubt. Since those teams not only spent the money on goal but who they spent it on didn't work out. Essentially having 5.6mil and 4mil of wasted salary. Yet they still won.

In neither case did the team spend peanuts on goal.
Sure, those teams spent lots of money in goal. But they definitely didn't have to, and in hindsight would've been even better off if they had swapped their high priced bench warming goalie for someone who could score or play D. Yes, those teams also prove that the Sabres could bench Miller, ride Enroth, and maybe win the cup without Miller's salary holding them back in any way. But viewed prospectively, it kind of goes without saying that if you can take money you're wasting and spend it somewhere useful, you should.

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