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11-06-2011, 05:26 PM
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Originally Posted by shipwreck View Post
I really don't like Coburn - he needs to go
Originally Posted by BobbyClarkeFan16 View Post
Everyone says that, but what does Coburn bring to the table? He's not a shutdown guy, he's not much of an offensive defenseman, and his play is inconsistent from game to game. Honestly, why does everyone like Coburn so much for? He's nothing more than an average number 5 guy on most teams. And every year, we keep hearing "he's going to be that stopper this team requires" or "he's finally turned the corner and he's going to be that dominant defensive defenseman this team needs." And every year, the guy does nothing but disappoint. It's time to cut losses and let him be someone else's problem. And when you consider he'll probably get 4 to 4.5 million a year, it's way too much for the job he does. Honestly, Coburn is nothing more than a poor man's Scott Hannan, just that Hannan has at least proven in his career he can be a stopper.
Originally Posted by decadentia View Post
I don't have the energy to argue this, but you're wrong. I know, horrible argument, but I really think this is glaringly obvious. His game isn't rounded i'll give you that, but that's going way too far. He'd be a welcome #3 and definitely #4 on quite a few teams in the league.
Originally Posted by sm0ka47 View Post
I agree with him.

He is inconsistent. There isn't much there offensively and he is above average defensively. He would be more dominant if he used his size more consistently. He just isn't an aggressive player. His hockey sense is pretty low. Carle and Coburn are in their last years unless they take their games to another level this year. For what they are being paid being average isn't good enough.
Originally Posted by shipwreck View Post
A couple of games back, everyone I saw coburn, he seemed like a bump on a log. He just doesn't show the intensity or passion I see from the other players.
Originally Posted by Jray42 View Post
Coburn is a solid defenseman, I don't understand the hate. He was never going to be a top pairing guy. To say he's an average number 5 is hilarious.

If you were always expecting a number 1 defenseman out of him, well, that's your problem.
Originally Posted by JGalt View Post
By my reckoning Coburn would be at least the 3rd best defenseman on any other team not named Detroit.
Originally Posted by decadentia View Post
He's not being paid like a #1 defenseman, nor does he play like a bottom pairing one. I'm not saying he's a rock, but i'm also not being dramatic enough to call him a bottom pairing defenseman. (Because that's precisely what was inferred.)

He would be making far many more gaffs as a defenseman playing 20-21 minutes per night if he was simply your "average" bottom pairing defenseman.

Awww yeah, this is gunna get good

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