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11-06-2011, 09:45 PM
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Originally Posted by sandlansd View Post
No, it's honestly not an overreaction... it's really really bad.

There's no huge advantage in rolling 4 good lines. I want my 4th line to have lower minutes so that my 1st line, which has been absolutely dominating teams, gets more shifts. There's a reason why nobody's 4th line makes $10M... it's not because you're smarter than everyone else, it's because there's only so many minutes to go around and paying $10M for guys who will see the ice 10 min / game is ludicrous.

Meanwhile, you've managed to make our 3rd pairing (which sees the ice a lot more than our 4th line does) absolutely abominable. Lilja is terrible. Have you been watching at all this year? He is so bad it's not even funny and you want him to be seeing consistent ice time for us?

I can't say anymore than I already have... it's a significant downgrade for our team and serves no purpose. You're trading a necessity for us (a top-4 defenseman), a position that actually needs to be upgraded, not downgraded, and you're doing it all so we can have the luxury of rolling 4 lines?!?

I don't think you'll find a single flyers fan who says yes to this. It is terrible. Flat out terrible.
How does that make our 3rd pairing abominable?! It's been our 3rd pairing all season! Lilja is serviceable, not ideal, and far from terrible. You continue to overreact. He's already seeing consistent ice time. He see 13:30 a game on average. He's a plus player so far, and staying out of the box (in comparison to his alternative). You just seem to overreact more and more as you type, it's quite hilarious.

Either way, I've seen the light. We clearly aren't good trade partners with them. Thanks for your comments

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