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11-06-2011, 11:57 PM
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Originally Posted by sandlansd View Post
Carle (a UFA who is unlikely to be brought back), Schenn (a guy who isn't even playing for us right now and has contributed 0 points and was -5 in 5 games), and Voracek (who has 8 pts in 14 games) is totally "gutting half the team".

What ever would this team do w/ lines of:

And how would we get by w/ defensive pairings of:

We would be terrible. Just like Nashville. There's absolutely no depth there. It's not like we have 5 or 6 players there that are likely to put up 60+ points... we would be just as bad as Nashville... a team that's leading scorer had 50 points last year.

Very good comparison there.
No, no you're right. I have been dying to see a line with Nodl, Homstrom and Wellwood on it. If you're really depending on Couturier and Read to keep up their point production and have that 4th line then... I don't know. Maybe we just think differently because I wouldn't be comfortable with that at all. Shea Weber is a tremendous player and I applaud your effort to try and get him, but let's face it. This offense isn't at all a given to be a consistent high scoring affair every game.

Flame me all you want, I'm just giving my two cents.

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