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Originally Posted by ThirdEye View Post
I don't understand the wanting to sign because of Gomez thing either. There were probably 20+ centers in the league better than him at the time. Why in gods name would he be the reason anyone signs with a team? And that was after he had the disappointing season in NY and everyone was screaming albatross
Well i'm pretty sure Gainey is not a dumb guy and i'm pretty sure the reason he traded for Gomez was because the opportunity to acquire a good player for "cheap" came to him, so he took it. Considering it was hard to get players to come in Montreal he had no choice but to sacrifice one good prospect instead of giving Price,Marko or Subban.

I'm pretty sure Gainey knew what he was doing at that time.

Honestly Gainey made one really bad trade in his life with us and that was giving Ribeiro away for free to Dallas. Besides that i really dont have a problem with Gomez trade.

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