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11-07-2011, 01:04 AM
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Bruce got the odds on his side.Gauthier the 2 times prior to coming to Montreal.

GM of Sens 95-98
GM of Ducks 98 to 2002

If the Habs miss the playoffs this year, or go out rd 1,Pierre is gone.
I even say another slump in the next 15/ 20 games, i think you see him get canned or "step aside"
Let's be honest , his times as GM was always short, and nothing more than a par at best GM.

That is not meant as disrespect toward him, just his exp has been building expansion teams.Until the Habs gets a "Thoroughbred" GM, will spin out our wheels forever.(18 yrs proves that)

I want to stop being the team that "we was one goal away from beating the eventual cup champs".....enough of that.The owner needs to want to take the next step in getting the team to a cup threat,and that means upgrading managment and coach.

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