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11-07-2011, 03:53 AM
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Originally Posted by PALE PWNR View Post
Why is he being tossed around in so many trade proposals either here or in the trade boards by Flyers fans. He was the main piece acquired in the Richards deal. Simmonds and the 2nd round pick were secondary. Not only that but by many before the trade he was widely considered the best prospect not in the NHL. We got to see a very small sample of what he could do and he got hurt. Whattya gonna do? Maybe he matures slowly around the same pace as guys like richie or carter. Couturier is an outlier the amount of people that make the NHL at 18 is miniscule. Prospects don't develop like him very often. Schenn is obviously NHL ready as observed by his ahl stats and the way he looks. I just don't understand all the people feeling the need to trade him
If you can use a strength (forwards, particularly centers) to acquire a weakness (young defenseman), why would you not do that?

Brayden Schenn isn't being thrown around as some throw-in in trades... he's being bandied about as the centerpiece for a #1 defenseman. And rightfully so.

We have 3 centers for our 3 top lines Giroux-Briere-Couturier.

Obviously we can and will make room for Schenn if need be, but if you can get good value for him and improve the team in doing so, don't you have to explore that?

I think you're biased based on your avatar (big picture of Brayden Schenn), but still, I don't know why you're so angry about the trade proposals... it's just an attempt by our fans to improve the team. And many fans agree that a young #1 defenseman would be more valuable to the team than another top-9 center.

And that's not a knock on Schenn. The fact that Schenn might be able to fetch a #1 D proves that special things are expected out of him. It's not about his talent or how he played when he was up here (I actually think he looked really good... he was fast, created lots of chances, etc.) It's just about an efficient allocation of the team's resources.

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