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11-07-2011, 12:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Stickmata View Post
No they're not. In a proper hockey stop, your feet are not side by side in parallel. They are staggered, as you describe at the end.
Many ways to do speed control on skates

typical hockey stops, the feet for sure can be parallel, or staggared

Staggard appropately (depending on the direction you're facing allows your feet to quickly start moving to change directions via laterial/backwards crossovers)
Or to turn quickly doing either heel to heel or tight turns
I also find that you have more biting edge to allow for a quicker stop

My feet are never perfectly parallel when I stop, nor should it be, however I do keep them closer to parallel than staggard WHEN I do a progressive "stop" where I don't come to a complete stop, again to be facing the play, making a pass and to keep momentium to allow me to get my feet moving fast.

"snow plowing" isn't necessarially the idea, but when people go into a "wide" stance when entering the zone with speed, you can dig with your inside edges to slow the pace and turn, as well as put your heel in to do a controlled yet quick turn in a wide stance

When stopping backwards, its easy to do the "reverse" snowplow to both control speed and to allow for a quick change of direction as you can lean forward into your power start

you can also use a single foot to do speed control meanwhile your glide foot pointing in the direction you're going...
This is espcially true on tight turns where your lead foot's inside edge is what controls the speed of which you're entering.

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