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11-07-2011, 11:46 AM
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Pro Stock Gloves - have you noticed?

I have a couple pairs of pro-stocks given to me by my NHL/AHL neighbor:

Warrior Franchise

I also have non-pro stock, but high end gloves: TPS R8, Sherwood T90, Sherwood 995, Easton E-Pro

now... are pro-stock's that much better? I wouldn't say so, as even the non-pro stock are supposed to be pro-level gloves and are made of the same Nylon or Synth leather materials with the same density of foam with plastic inserts.

The Franchise IS a little different, as it was a "wide" glove before the wide series came out...

So its not so much the glove's construction that is much different than lets say a "top-end non-pro glove" but rather the Palm...

Where my TPS & Easton are both Nash and the Sherwoods are Clarino...

both of my pro-stock gloves are just "pure" clarino, including the Eagle
They are not nash, nor M2H2, nor do they have any added palm material

Does this feel better? Yes, but slightly...
I think Clarino is the best feeling material, and prefer these palms to the Nash I have in my Eason/TPS, but a well worn pair of my sherwoods with the added material for duabiity is just as comfortable.

anyways, did anyone find that with pro-stock? that alot use just a standard clarino, including the gussets, though the retail varients of the same glove use all sorts of different materials?

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