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11-07-2011, 01:53 PM
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Originally Posted by sandlansd View Post
A signed Weber is not worth Giroux. Mainly because Weber is going to sign for around $7M per year and Giroux is making just about half of that. I love Weber, but as I said above Giroux on his current contract is one of the top-5 most valuable commodities in the NHL. Being a fan of a team w/ an internal budget, I would think you might understand that...

And I wasn't trying to do you any favors there buddy.

I was trying to put together a realistic package of players for Weber (ie. I wasn't living in fantasy land and adding players like JVR who NEVER get dealt in the real world).

When a real trade in the NHL goes down for a star player, it's almost always a highly ranked prospect coming back as the center piece. Maybe that's not what people on HF would like to see, but that's the way it usually goes.

And btw, if I took the above to my own board, it would likely be met with fans saying we're overpaying for Weber. A similar version was already met with several "no"s by Flyers fans. Most neutral parties that have chimed in have said the value is good or close.

I can respect that you don't like it though, so I suppose we'll just keep our players and watch & wait in regards to the situation in Nashville. Maybe we end up w/ Suter for free in the offseason... that would be a nice treat
goes both ways bud, you may not like it but a signed Weber is EASILY worth Giroux

and star players can get traded without prospects coming back, ala Heatley and Setoguchi for Burns and Havlat. Those trades happen whether people on HF like it or not (see what i did there)

Meh, make it "no" from nashville fans too.

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