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Originally Posted by HCH View Post
I can almost understand some posters defending Gainey's decisions at the time he made them. But with the benefit of hindsight those that still insist that the team made the right move by losing Koivu then trading McDonagh, Higgins and Valentenko to add Gomez baffles me.

Clearly, those two decisions did not work out to our benefit. At the very least, the depth in the organization was compromised. At the worst, we may have given up a heart and soul player as well as one of the best defense prospects we had in years.

Gainey may have felt he had to take drastic measures and shake the team up but it backfired and Gauthier has been left to clean up. Even Gainey admitted he left Gauthier with some problems and last year Gainey had a heart to heart talk with Gomez about bringing up the level of his play.

Of course, going to the conference finals is the argument that will always be thrown back but anyone who isn't in a state of self denial will say that it had a lot more to do with Halak (and some good luck) than the superior team that Gainey assembled.
im surprised Gainey is still employed by The Canadiens!

that trade might go down as one of the worst trades in HAB history- and Gainey ran the show- nobody else to blame aside from gauthier
who was a big part of the decision!

You didnt have to be a mensa member to see how terrible that trade was the minute it was announced!!
I remember i said to my son when i heard the deal- "Oh my God he traded for Gomez"-

Starting s to show already and will show more as times flies- That Bob Gainey was one of the worst GMs in HAB history!!

now if this was habfans- id be banned for a month for this post!! LOL

a poster on HABFANS posts Gomez will get 65 points this season
i replied -you forgot to put the decimal point between the 6 and 5 !
I got 4 months suspension for that!~ LOL

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