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11-07-2011, 01:22 PM
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Originally Posted by noobman View Post
It's just a personality thing. Some guys know there's always room to improve and will welcome advice, while others think they know it all and won't budge. It's the latter gruop that often stagnates in their development and often hurts their team.

See if you can get the guys to collectively make a change. If all of you decide that he should be on forward he'll concede. Getting him to change his game doesn't sound possible right now.

I'm sure the winger on the d-man's side isn't a huge fan of him either if he's always jumping in on the rush and wasting the winger's shift. I've had a few ****** situations where I was playing between the bluelines for a whole shift because the D-man jumped in on every rush (forcing me to take the point) then rushed back on the backcheck and barrelled right in the zone (forcing me to cover the point).
Agreed. The most important part to talking to teammates is understanding each person's personality. I prefer to be yelled at because it pisses me off and I play better. If I'm patted on the back I really don't care cause all that means is I was doing what I was supposed to do. For the OP I think there are only 2 options:you leaving the team or the guy leaving the team. He's not open to criticism and his lack of fundamental positioning will kill any team he's on, he's like a time bomb no matter what team he's on. My hockey life got a lot easier the day I stopped yelling at teammates, understanding some people don't care about getting better and finding a team I belong on and can get better at hockey.

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