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Originally Posted by MasterDecoy View Post
i thought he would do ok, but not that good...

jagr probably would not have been the best fit with JM and the team's emphasis on speed (although **** me i wished we would have tried), but lets be honest, he comes here, his production drops by more than half and everybody calls him a bum
right, and frankly I'd be surprised if he can keep up this torrid pace for 82 games...

but Laviolette is being smart about his minutes, of the top 30 scorers in this young season, Jagr(13th currently) is playing the fewest min/game, and of his 16.43 min/game, 4:13 are PP minutes.

and really, even if he were to drop his production rate by half (which i think is unlikely, but who knows), he'll still finish the year with ~50pts, that's pretty damn solid for an <4M vet on a 1 year deal.

I wonder, who would win in a foot race between Jagr/Darche

Originally Posted by neofury View Post
There are a lot of people writing books in this thread. Lack of comprehension isn't the issue lack of reading period is.

People aren't going to sift through 100,000 words per point, this coming from neofury of all people. But anyways if comprehension were the issue maybe it's the fact that a lot of people aren't really being clear and are making convoluted posts in order to make a point. You can't really blame peoples "comprehension" when folks do that.
yeah, but often times people will quote a post, and then go on some rant that has absolutely no relevance to what the quoted post was about...

that's either poor reading comprehension, or flat out stupidity

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