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11-07-2011, 01:53 PM
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Here's hoping Penner can produce a couple points and start turning it around. He's been kept off the score sheet but, playing pretty well, really.
I hope so. Rich hammond just posted a piece on the LA Kings Insider about Richards being the motivator to turn Penner around. Murray is quoted as saying because Richards is such a skilled puckhandler/playmaker, that should do the trick.

Is it Penner or the system? He's with a good team and an stud centermen...hopefiully the chips fall in his favor. He should be able to use his size and strength to drive to the net.
God knows if Richards got Andreas NOdl (who is a fourth liner at best) 11 goals last year, Penner should be good for 30.

Clifford, Stoll, and Parse MUST start chipping in offensively on a regular basis. They should be owning the opposition 3rd line when matched up against them.
Yes, they should. If this scoring has been an issue from last year onward, how come DL doesn't see that? He has all these very creative ., talented players. They should be potting 4 goals a game.
When does he tell TM to tweak or change that system?

It's pretty bad when you see mike richards excelling on special teams becaues that's the only time he can showcase his offense creativity. He could have had 3 shorties alone in the Pens game...
SEems 5 x 5 for him is like playing inside a sleeping bag.

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