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10-30-2003, 10:18 AM
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Originally Posted by jar jar links
its clear lundmark is not trusted by sather. maybe lundmark practices as well as he plays which would mean he isnt doing anything in practice. come on i want lundmark to do well maybe more than any of you guys but its clear he is not cutting it right now.
but dont kill sather about this he gave lundmark a spot with lindros before lindros got hurt. im saying messiers line looked pretty good the other night. do i think messier should be getting a ton of minutes every night? no way. i would be even more of fool than you guys give me credit for.
Not cutting it???? The guy has played better in his own end than Messier, Carter, Hlavac, Rosie even Lindros for the most part, but he's not cutting it?? The other guys aren't producing in either end, but somehow they are cutting it???

He gave Lundmark a shot for one friggin period, that isn't a shot, its a tease..

Messier's line looked fine for a 4th line, which is what it should be..

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