Thread: Recalled/Assigned: Panthers Assign Markstrom to San Antonio
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11-07-2011, 04:13 PM
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Originally Posted by adam graves View Post
Jacob Markstrom FLA 5gp 9ga 161 shots .944pct 5th in league
What else were you looking for him to prove?

So now that we know we might actually have a golden goose...

Originally Posted by RainingRats View Post
Purely a business move. They're going to try to move Clemmer. Not much to discuss here. Once they can move him up Markstrom will come. All about $$$$$.

As well as Markstrom has been playing he could still use some more starts on a regular basis so it's not like this will be bad for him.
Originally Posted by adam graves View Post
If clemmer stinks the joint up he wont have any trade value. And at what price in the standings? Grasp that.
and might I add:
Originally Posted by blackpanthers View Post
I think it is faulty logic to say that Clemmenson stunk last year. For most of the season he was playing with what most of would consider an ahl team in front of him. This years team is way better than what we had last year and for all we know he could play as well as he did when he filled in for Brodeur considering we have a real team in front of him. Let's give the guy a chance before we condemn him

We're in great shape, I think everyone knows the score. Clemmer should do well applying for his next job...or so well we won't want him out, and then we have one hell of a great goalie situation.

End of the day this is win-win for us! WTF~ We'd just waive him if he stinks it up anyway!

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