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11-07-2011, 05:38 PM
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Originally Posted by m00ks View Post
Koivu was never offered a contract.

Komisarek wanted to cash in. He did and we're better off without his contract. Same thing happened with Wiz. If Andrei wants his 5 million elsewhere, that's fine, I wish him good luck. He's main value to this team is that he's an affordable contributor, similarly to Gorges. Once these types of players become overpaid, specially with our already expensive forwards, your team is worst for it.

Whatever the extent of this "dischord" with the coach is all hearsay and if they did happen, from the looks of it, has already passed. Martin is using him against tough opposition and hes responding well with strong play. He's also found chemistry with a maturing talented center.

I don't see how you can't find similarities with the aforementioned players. Home grown talent, drafted and developed for a good number of years. All are comfortable in the city and have expressed their desire to stay. Like Pleks, AK was also given a chance to perform on a UFA year.

I'm pretty confident we can lock up AK at 4 million tops.
oh, my bad, and here I thought that Koivu/Komi were drafted and developed in montreal

the discord with the coach isn't "hearsay", it's Kost's comments to a reporter... now of course, things change, people change, and reporters often manipulate stories/quotes, but during JM's first 2 years in MTL, it was pretty apparent that there wasn't a lot of mutual admiration btw the two (not that there needs to be).

I don't even really get what your point is.

there are several reasons, which i outlined, that make up a strong case for why A.Kost is likely to both test the market, and end up signing elsewhere (as you point out yourself, @ 5M). Nothing about that is "panic" or "doom/gloom", it just is what it is... and for our team, imo, it's a bit unfortunate.

where you would look at Kost or Gorges, and think we're better off without them if they get market value contracts, I look at them and think it's a damn shame we paid top-$$ market value for older vets that we didn't develop, that have no connection to the city/team, and who are truly just "gun's for hire" (and in our case, unfortunately, quite unproductive guns for hire).

If we didn't have Gio/Gomez/Cammy earning far more than they produce, we could afford to pay A.Kost his 4-5M$ first UFA contract, and allow him to hopefully continue developing towards his potential with us.

I mean seriously... you'd want to watch Gorges walk if he gets a significant raise, even after enduring 3 years of spacegoat on a bloated contract?

as with the Streit situation, and others (including Komi), by not properly dealing with contract extensions for home-grown talent already with the team, we end up forcibly overpaying in a massive way for UFA mercenaries, who quite often come in at a far worse cost/benefit value than the in-house player who, if treated well (i.e not made to sit an wait until July 1st to find out if an offer is coming), might very well take -if not a home town discount, an average market value as opposed to forcing us to match the highest bidder.

the bad UFA contracts we've given out (to replace players we lost in large part to a poor approach to contract negotiations), are precisely why we won't be able to afford Kost, even if he was inclined to return despite JM...

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